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Friday, January 6, 2012

Animal Instinct

If Lori/Allen were to be any type of animal what animal would they be...? 

here are my thoughts:
Lori - Laughing Heyena
Allen - Chimpanzee

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

~ .: Story Time:. ~

Please share a story that you shared with either Lori or Allen!

Here is mine :)

Once upon a time...
Lori was cleaning the kitchen before some friends arrival for a lovely feast prepared by Allen.
She questioned herself when she began to load the dishwasher.
Lori - "Allen, you always end up reorganizing the dishes anyways, why do I even bother?"
Allen - "I do not reorganize the dishes"
Lori - "Allen, yes you do !"
Allen - "Well the way I do it the dishes get cleaner than the way that you do it."
Brandon (Allen's son) - "No dad [pulls out a dirty cup out of the cabnet] your dishes don't get cleaned, see!"
Allen - "Ya right, my way is better.  I do not reload the dishwasher after you do."
Lori - "Alright honey whatever you say, I am going to go take a shower. [Walks upstairs and hears dishes clanking].  What are you doing there sweetheart?"
Allen - "Nothing!"
Brandon - "Don't worry!  I got it all on tape!"

**One of the best keys to a successful marriage is laughter! Trust me, that is one thing they will not run out of!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Questions #1

a) Please tell me 3 things the come to mind when asked to describe Lori.

b) Please tell me 3 things that come to mind when asked to describe Allen.